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Advanced Learning Loan Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (update 06.11.17):  

Please use the information below for your own research and watch this space for updates on finance options available to you:

From 2017, FE colleges and training providers with SFA direct contracts will be able to offer courses with Advanced Learning Loans. Gas Training at Kier (and Kier Services Ltd) are not in a position to offer the Advanced Learning Loan facility. We will continue to apply for the opportunities as they arise and will use this page to keep people informed.


You can consider some of the following options:

Many of you have expressly told us that it is the Kier quality, the Kier brand, the Kier guarantee of placement and interviews that mean you will not consider somewhere else and for that we thank you. We work hard to make our training the best experience it can be for you from day one throughout the full 5 months.

LOANS and offer you a low cost alternative to student loans.


0% interest credit cards might also be an option for you. £6000 is a large investment in yourself, and we are committed to ensuring our L3 Diploma course is the right course for you, and that it’s affordable as well.


We are as keen to find you ways to fund your course, making it affordable for you but we are not financial advice experts. The information provided in this news bulletin is for general information purposes only. It is not, and should not be construed as, financial or other professional advice. We recommend you that you do not solely rely on the information you find here as it is not detailed or comprehensive enough to enable you to make an informed decision without speaking to an independent adviser. We recommend you speak to an independent financial adviser before choosing any products or implementing changes to your finances.

Independent financial advice
It is important you consider your own circumstances and look into all options. You can access free independent financial advice from The Money Advice Service at


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